Serverless Workshop

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A 4 hour workshop happening live October 5th, 11am Pacific at a Zoom link near you.

Designed for everyone interested in serverless and cloud functions. If you can do JavaScript and want to add a new tool to your arsenal, this is the workshop for you.

You'll learn:

  • when to use serverless cloud functions
  • how to use cloud functions in 3 environments -
  • Netlify - Vercel - AWS Lambda
  • 2 ways to read params from the browser and when to use them
  • using serverless to integrate with a 3rd party API (you'll send an SMS)
  • automating browser interactions with Chrome Puppeteer (you'll take a web screenshot)
  • write files to S3
  • how to read and write data to a database
  • integrate your cloud function with a simple UI

You'll gain a feel for what serverless cloud functions can do and how you can start using them in your projects. At work or otherwise.

Doing the exercises will teach you about debugging, deploying to production, monitoring your code, logging errors, managing permissions, and dealing with secrets. All crucial tools in your quest.

Reserve your spot today and learn how your skills can do more. Sales close Friday.

What you get

Buying Serverless Workshop gets you live access to the workshop. We'll go through 8 exercises together and you can ask any questions.

Before the workshop, you'll get a few short videos with the basic theory. You can think of these as a mini course.

Just watching those videos you'll learn a bunch my friend. And we can focus on exercises during the workshop without wasting time ๐Ÿ˜

After the live workshop, you get lifetime access to the exercises in a self-paced workshop format. Review when you want, play around as you please.

What's the structure? Is this gonna bore me?

Serverless Workshop is designed around interactive exercises. Based on principles from Make It Stick.

Each exercise starts as a short intro where I set the stage. Then you do the exercise before you know the solution.

This way you learn better. It feels harder, but studies show you retain knowledge better and longer that way. Makes you think :)

After your shot at the exercise, I'll share my solution and we discuss how it works.

Plus there's no chance to get bored. The exercises are fun and interactive. You'll be writing code.

Backend? Serverless? Who cares?

You care my friend. Modern backend is a joy to use and unlocks things you can't do in the browser.

Serverless cloud functions are the future. A fast-evolving field that lets you build what used to take a whole team.

What if I can't join live?

We'll miss you and you can review the materials and do the exercises when you get a chance. I recommend joining live so you can ask questions.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your JavaScript skills?

Join Serverless Workshop for $279 today or buy in 3x $99 installments. I'll see you live October 5th at 11am Pacific

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Serverless Workshop

0 ratings