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Are you tired of babysitting from your boss? Do you want more autonomy? Looking to solve bigger challenges? Dreaming of those $300,000+/year compensation packages?

You're not alone.

Getting the senior title is easy – just stick around. But to be a true senior, you need a new way of thinking that goes beyond the code. That's what unlocks your career.

The story

When I came to Silicon Valley in 2015 I thought I was the shit. Able to solve any tech problem you threw at me, running circles around complexity, eating bugs for breakfast. Got my first Senior Software Engineer title and a 6-figure paycheck. Top of the world 🚀

3 years later the startup ran its first performance review. I walked into that room full of myself. Definitely the best engineer on the team, solving the hardest problems, writing the best code. Crushing it.

The CTO took a deep breath and said "Swizec, you're a great programmer, the best we've got. Everything else, though ... terrible. You'd be fired if it wasn't for your history with the founders and the fact your immigration is tied to this job"

I was crushed.

How can you be both the best engineer and failing as a senior engineer? What's going on here?

I made it my mission to figure that out and wrote essays along the way. The Senior Engineer Mindset ebook is the collection of my best essays on the mindset of a true senior engineer. The tips and tricks that unlocked my career.

My hope is that these 26 essays help you too.

What's in the book

The Senior Engineer Mindset ebook is a 255 page collection of essays from my time in Silicon Valley. You can binge the pdf/epub/mobi, or wait for each chapter to hit your inbox.

Lessons learned from crash landing as a hotshot solopreneur and freelancer, joining a seed stage company, growing to $1mm ARR, jumping ship, and growing the business from 50 to 350 employees in 18 months. With an eye-popping $100,000,000 Series B to boot.

How I approach technical decisions, writing code, and own outcomes has changed. A lot.

Here's what's included:

  • Why senior engineers get nothing done
  • What makes you a senior software engineer anyway?
  • Computer science is not software engineering
  • Your career needs a vision
  • Working IN your career vs. ON your career
  • What a hockey legend can teach you about career development
  • How to grow as a senior engineer or why I got a new job
  • Why engineers are worth so much
  • Why you should talk about engineering salaries
  • Should you work at a startup
  • Should you take a pay cut for equity
  • What I learned while 6x-ing my income in 4 years
  • What if engineers were paid like athletes
  • How to make what you're worth even if you're from the wrong country
  • 4 years of coding in San Francisco, lessons learned
  • Building software is a distraction
  • DO more work less
  • What's more productive, a team or a talented soloist?
  • How to succeed as a lead engineer – tactics and mindsets from practice
  • How to own projects like a senior engineer
  • How Grit supercharges your career
  • Why programmers work at night
  • My favorite lessons from Pragmatic Programmer
  • Why great engineers hack The Process
  • HOW great engineers hack The Process
  • What I learned from Software Engineering at Google

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  • 255 page pdf/epub/mobi

  • 255 page pdf/epub/mobi


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