React+d3.js for businesses

Swizec Teller
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React with d3.js was the most fun I've had in years.

Creating dynamic data visualizations on the web is a pain in the ass.

You either have to use dumbed down libraries that won't let you do what you want, or make everything from scratch. Every time.

You want a quick way to build complex visualizations. Build once, use everywhere. In every project. Don't believe me? Scroll down.

With React+d3.js you'll learn how to build re-usable visualization components in about an hour.

In This package

React+d3.js [PDF/epub/mobi]

D3 Tips and Tricks by Malcom Maclean [PDF/epub/mobi]

1080p one hour screencast

Two hours of Personal coaching

Unlimited team license

Configured environment

Two working projects

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React+d3.js for businesses

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