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React + D3 2018 preorder

Learn modern React, scratch the surface of Data Science

🎉 I'm updating React + D3v4 🎉

Plan is to finish in time for Reactathon in September where I'm leading a React Dataviz workshop and a React Dataviz discussion table. That's gonna be fun.

Here's what you get 👇

⚛️ updated content for how react works in 2018 and 2019. That means React 16+, React Suspense, etc.

📈 updated code for D3v5

🚟 exploration of React Suspense implications

🆕 chapter on ready-made dataviz components you can use

🆕 new chapter on dataviz in React Native

🆕 new chapter on dataviz in WebVR

📦 move examples from Codepen to Codesandbox for better experience

🏃 add more exercises and sample walkthroughs

🎥 all new 2 to 3 hour video in full 4K

3 live online workshops on Aug 12, 19, 26 exclusively for preorders

The workshops will be recorded and you will keep access to them forever. Even if you can't join live.

3 years of thought and research will have gone into this book. Countless hours spent talking through problems with in-person workshop attendees, coaching clients, and helping big Fortune50 companies.

You don't wanna miss this.

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React + D3 2018 preorder

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