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React + D3v4 pre-order


React with d3v4 is the best way to turn data into knowledge.

Did you know software engineers make $20,000 more than programmers? I had no idea until I built some shiny graphs and saw the difference. I never called myself a programmer again.

But creating dynamic and interactive data visualizations on the web is a pain in the ass.

You either have to use dumbed down libraries that won't let you do advanced custom stuff, or make everything from scratch. Every time.

You want a quick way to build complex visualizations. Build once, use everywhere. In every project.

With React+d3v4 ES6 you'll learn how to build declarative visualization components, add animations, manage state with Redux or MobX, and use canvas to build performant animations with 20,000+ elements even on mobile.

Here's what you get in this package 👇

- React + D3v4 pdf/epub/mobi

- Full HD React Native dataviz explainer video

- Full HD canvas animation with MobX explainer video

- Full HD basic transitions video

Sold out, please go back and pick another option.

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React + D3v4 pre-order

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