Senior Mindset Mastermind

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Has your career growth stalled? 

Do you get snubbed at interviews for no reason? 

Not paid what you're worth? Clients and bosses not taking you seriously?

Want to get more responsibility you crave and avoid the treadmill of endless drudgery?

The Senior Mindset Mastermind is a community and group coaching program for engineers who feel that learning more technical skills doesn't quite grow their career anymore.

Here's how it works:

You can't learn mindset from a book or a course. It takes exposure over time.

You have to be steeped in the right environment. Mingle with people who push you and nudge you in the right direction. The biggest change can come from the smallest comment.

The Senior Mindset Mastermind aims to create that environment.

For $99/month you get access to a private supportive community of like-minded engineers, bi-weekly group coaching calls, my no bullshit guarantee, and access to a recording and transcript of every past session.

The private community is open 24/7. The group coaching sessions happen every other week – we'll find a time together.

Each session starts with a 15 minute presentation on a topic, followed by a 45min discussion and Q&A. No question is off limits.

You'll have a chance to send questions in advance or ask anonymously, if you're shy ✌️

Ready to work on your career and grow into a true senior engineer? Join now 👉

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$99 a month

Senior Mindset Mastermind

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